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Why Are Professional Cleaning Services Critical During The Pandemic? A Guide By JAN-PRO Of Oklahoma City Cleaning Service
December 15, 2021

There has always been a fundamental need to keep your business building clean to maintain a safe environment for your customers and staff. However, now that we live in pandemic times, the importance of professional cleaning and disinfection services has increased significantly. At JAN-PRO Of Oklahoma City cleaning services, we offer quality and reliability when cleaning and disinfecting commercial buildings of all sizes and industries. JAN-PRO Of Oklahoma City is a renowned name in the commercial cleaning world, and our services are trusted by hundreds of businesses in Oklahoma and the surrounding areas. You can count on our professional cleaning team to ensure your workspace or business outlet is free from disease-causing germs. We use specialized disinfection techniques to rid all the surfaces and equipment of possible sources of infection. So, if you are wondering why professional cleaning services are your foremost business partners during these testing times, we suggest you keep reading.

How can JAN-PRO Of Oklahoma City Cleaning help your business during the pandemic?

Your staff and customers’ health should be your top priority as businesses reopen after spending more than a year in uncertainty. JAN-PRO Of Oklahoma City Cleaning has been striving to make workplaces and industrial sites safe for workers. And without further ado, here is how we can help your business during the pandemic:

Prevent the spread of germs: Both the government and the business have been trying to stop the transfer of germs so the country can return to normal conditions. The only way to prevent the spread is to ensure that surfaces and the overall environment are clean and disinfected regularly. Our expert cleaning and disinfection teams at the JAN-PRO Of Oklahoma City cleaning franchise are equipped with tools, supplies, and techniques to ensure proper disinfection. We follow a set protocol and standard when it comes to disinfecting a workplace or a business environment. This standard procedure allows us to ensure that you get a germ free and safe environment every time you hire our services.

Cleaning tools are also disinfected: You can rest assured that even the tools we use to clean your workplace are adequately disinfected when you hire our disinfection and cleaning services. That reduces the possibility of cross-contamination from using the same cleaning tools in different places. As mentioned earlier, we maintain high standards for our cleaning and disinfection practices. And these standards have been ramped up to ensure that our customers get the best in class cleaning results when they hire us.

Our staff is trained to handle sanitization: If you are trying to manage the cleaning of your workplace yourself or with the help of your employees, there are a lot of important rules you may not be following. There is a significant difference between sanitization and professional sanitization. We disinfect every surface, equipment to keep your workplace clean during our sanitization process.

Flexible work hours: Since businesses are reopening fully after working at low capacities due to COVID-19 regulations, they can’t afford down hours for cleaning purposes. That is why we work during flexible hours to clean and disinfect your workplace, so your business operation is not negatively affected.

At JAN-PRO Of Oklahoma City cleaning, we offer cleaning services for almost all industries, and you can contact us for all your commercial cleaning needs.

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