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What Is The Difference Between Commercial Cleaning Services And Residential Cleaning Services?
September 01, 2021

When you run any business, cleaning is a crucial component of everyday business routine, and most companies have to spend hours making sure their workplace is clean. However, commercial cleaning services such as us at JAN-PRO of Oklahoma City can make running a business a little easier by providing industry-specific cleaning services. With that being said, businesses often confuse commercial cleaning services with residential cleaning companies and end up hiring the wrong people to handle their cleaning needs. This results in improper cleaning results and wastes funds since the cleaning services you get are not designed to meet commercial needs. At JAN-PRO of Oklahoma City, we understand how business owners, especially those hiring a cleaning company for the first time, might get confused between residential and commercial cleaning services. So, to help clear up this common confusion, we have created this article, and we suggest you read on.

Differences between the services of industrial cleaning companies and residential cleaning companies

When you are ready to hire a cleaning company for your business, you must choose dedicated commercial/industrial cleaning companies such as us. That is because the cleaning requirements, techniques, and expertise required to handle commercial cleaning jobs are unique, and residential cleaning companies aren’t equipped to manage them. So, without further ado, here are some differences between commercial and residential cleaning companies:

Cleaning expertise: The major difference between residential and commercial cleaning companies is in their expertise. While residential cleaning companies can only handle small-scale house cleaning gigs, commercial janitorial services can handle more complex cleaning jobs. Not to mention commercial cleaning companies are trained to clean large areas, buildings, and manufacturing facilities. So, in short, residential cleaning companies can’t handle the nature of cleaning that commercial and industrial settings pose. It is vital to hire specialized commercial cleaning companies such as us.

Cleaning tools: Apart from the expertise, the most significant difference between the two types of cleaning companies lies in their tools. Commercial cleaning companies such as us are equipped with powerful and large-scale tools to get the cleaning jobs done efficiently and quickly. Since the cleaning areas are large and complex, the domestic cleaning tools and supplies don’t work for our usage applications. On the other hand, tools used by residential cleaning companies are less sophisticated, and they are domestic grade cleaning tools more suited for simple small-scale jobs.

For example, while a residential kitchen can be cleaned using a standard manual scrubber, a restaurant kitchen requires heavy-duty scrubbers to remove the grease and other debris from the kitchen surfaces.

Staff training: The cleaning staff we employ as a commercial cleaning company receives special training to handle the cleaning needs of commercial settings. The employees learn to use commercial-grade cleaning tools and learn cleaning techniques essential for their work. However, residential cleaning companies train their employees to use domestic cleaning tools, and they are more focused on the presentation of the home environment. Not to mention residential cleaning staff has to go through less rigorous training than the cleaning team of commercial companies.

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