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What Everyone Must Know About the Best Cleaning Service in the City 2
July 15, 2020

Regardless of what business you run, a clean environment is essential. A clean environment attracts customers and it is also crucial for the safety of yourself and your employees. Given the current circumstances, the need for disinfection of the area where one works and resides is more important than ever. Some people might say that they have their own cleaning method, but can you compare that to a professional service provider? An untrained person without special equipment cannot give the same quality as that of a company that specializes in cleaning and disinfection. Also, not all commercial cleaning services are the same. When it comes to janitorial services for offices and commercial properties in Oklahoma City, we can safely say we at Jan-Pro are the best. We are ahead of the competition and how your businesses can benefit from our proprietary Enviro Shield office and commercial cleaning services.


Beating the Competition

Regular Training: Our staff goes through constant training from basic customer services to the use of office cleaning services equipment and chemicals. This is essential in our mind, as we believe cleaning is a science and as with all science, there is continuous improvement and development. The pursuit to stay up to date with any science requires regular training. Our people are on top of the latest OSHO practices as well as in the use of the latest chemicals and cleaning equipment. They are trained so that regardless of the business or area they must clean they can do so with ease and professionalism.


Tools and Chemicals: Every profession has its tools of the trade and we have ours. Having the latest equipment in the world of cleaning not only allows for thorough cleaning but also cuts down on the time involved. As far as chemicals go, all our chemicals are hospital grade meaning they are designed not only to make things look clean but also to disinfect. The chemicals used allow for a clean environment while keeping the comfort and safety of the people.


Set Processes and Constant Supervision: You can provide great janitorial cleaning service once or twice or if you are lucky maybe more. However, this type of cleaning is based on the trial and error method. If one thing works well, you try and repeat it. It works to some extent, but it causes problems as you take on new staff. The formula for consistently high performance and quality are set processes. We have easy to understand processes for our teams when it comes to cleaning. We also have supervision checks to ensure that the processes are being followed.



Jan-Pro the Ultimate Cleaning Partner

Having mentioned all the factors that make us the best janitorial cleaning service in Oklahoma City. Let us tell you a bit about ourselves we started as a small company in the early ’90s. Our focus on providing consistent quality and on-time service allowed us to expand into a multinational. With over 99 franchise offices in 5 countries, our continuous growth and the trust of our customers are a testament to our work ethics and our focus on quality. We offer 24/7 services so that we are available whenever our customers need us. So instead of searching for commercial janitorial services near me, you should just go straight to

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