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Tips to Choose a Commercial Cleaning Service
February 29, 2020

It may seem as if choosing a commercial cleaning service for the maintenance of your facility is going to be easy. However, it is not that easy. The type of services you may need would depend on the type of facility you own. There is no doubt that the appearance of your facility would influence the reputation and impression of your business. If you have a hospital, you need a higher level of cleanliness. Likewise, if you own a supermarket, you will need many ongoing cleaning services throughout the day.  Companies offering industrial cleaning services usually have a list of services included in their offer. They can specifically offer janitorial cleaning services and office cleaning services. So how can you decide which cleaning service to hire? We are here to make this decision easier to make.

Some Important Questions:

First, you need to highlight some details about your business. Is it a small, medium, or large size facility? This information would help list the commercial cleaning services you would need, and what to research. Does your business have franchises?

Secondly, based on this information above, you need to decide what services you need and the frequency of the cleaning service.
Next, you need to write out all your questions and work towards researching for the ideal company offering all those services.
Lastly, you need to plan a budget and work with that.

Professional Tips for Choosing Commercial Cleaning Services:

1. Ask them important questions like:
a. What types of services they specialize in?
b. Can they handle multiple locations?
c. Do they have enough manpower to accomplish the services you require?
d. How much experience do they have?
e. What cleaning products they use?
f. What type of clients do they have right now? Is there any business like yours?
g. Do they have references? A reliable commercial cleaning company will offer at least three reliable references.
2. Insurance:
Check if the company has liability insurance. In addition, check if it is enough to protect you from liability claims related to cleaning. Many companies do not have insurance. It would be a good idea to get a copy of their insurance certificate.
3. Cleaning equipment and products
It would be a good idea to check what products and equipment they use for cleaning. A reputable firm would use the best products.
4. Cleaning Checklist:
Make sure the commercial cleaning service has a checklist of services to perform for you. The management must sign the order and bill you accurately.
5. Price Plan:
The commercial cleaning service will have a clear pricing plan for industrial cleaning services, janitorial cleaning service, and office cleaning services. At Jan-Pro-OKC, we understand budgets and work according to the needs of our clients. We have a clear policy on payments and cancellations. We work to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
No matter what type of commercial cleaning service you need, feel free to contact us.

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