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Jan Pro Cleaning - Give Your Business the Cleaning it Deserves!
July 16, 2020

Jan Pro Cleaning Company is one of the best commercial cleaning company situated in Oklahoma City. What sets us apart is our utilization of the latest processes and techniques for the cleaning. We not only clean different commercial areas, but we also make them a safe place to work.

It was established by the Rush family on 4th September in the year 2001. Jan Pro was built to provide excellent commercial cleaning services maintaining high quality at reasonable prices. Today Jan pro is successfully running its business in different countries of the world. Our Jan-Pro corporate offices and franchises are serving very diligently throughout the world.

Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems and Processes

Jan-Pro has entirely transformed the local janitorial services industry. Today it is successfully regarded as the world’s number 1 commercial cleaning company. It has made such a considerable reputation with the help of excellent services provided by the following processes:

  1. EnviroShield Disinfection systems
  2. Cutting Edge Technologies
  3. Microfiber filters
  4. Flat Mops
  5. Professional grade cleaning products
  6. Usage of hospital-grade chemicals.

Apart from processes, we have three beneficial systems for imparting excellent commercial and janitorial services which are

  1. JAN-PRO Signature Clean®
  2. JAN-PRO Technics®
  3. JAN-PRO Tracker®


Jan-Pro Franchises

Oklahoma City’s Jan-Pro cleaning company provides exceptional franchise business opportunities along with various benefits. We have successfully grown up from a single business to an international franchising industry. Today there are over 10,000- Jan-Pro franchises with over 99 master franchise offices all over the world. Jan-Pro licenses all of them with the trademark of JAN-PRO® for running business officially and legally. These franchises allow new entrepreneurs to enter one of the most rapidly growing industries by becoming their owners. Our trainers provide complete guidance and support to the new franchise owners.


Steps of Getting Commercial Cleaning Services

  1. Contact your local Jan-Pro cleaning franchise
  2. Let them know the cleaning schedule
  3. Let them know what type of commercial cleaning you are looking for
  4. Relax and see the excellent results of their cleaning effort.


What Makes Jan-Pro Different from Other Cleaning Companies?

There are many cleaning companies, but Jan-Pro cleaning has successfully set itself apart from the competition.  Jan-Pro is regarded as the world’s number 1 commercial cleaning company and is different from all other local companies for the following reasons:

  1. Competitively priced services
  2. Excellent customer service
  3. Processes to ensure all cleaning is done correctly
  4. Use of the latest cleaning tech and tools
  5. Hospital-grade chemicals ensure proper and safe disinfection.
  6. The employees of the Jan-Pro corporate offices are required to go through extensive training.
  7. Efficient complaint resolution
  8. Lucrative franchising opportunity.
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