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How to Prepare For Professional Cleaning by Commercial Cleaning Services?
September 01, 2021

Commercial cleaning services are a blessing in disguise for businesses as they can take care of their cleaning needs at a reasonable cost. That rids businesses from the worry of hiring full-time staff and managing cleaning supplies, not to mention paying significant full-time salaries to the cleaning staff. At JAN-PRO of Oklahoma City, we have been helping hundreds of businesses in keeping their offices, shops, factories, and buildings clean and tidy.

Our cleaning staff is skilled and experienced to make sure you get excellent service that impresses your visitors and customers. With that being said, cleaning a commercial building isn’t easy, and the more prepared our customers are when we arrive for the scheduled cleaning, the better the results we can produce. The more prepared you are, the fewer obstacles our team has to face, and we will be able to clean faster and better. So, if you are wondering how you can better prepare your business before we arrive for the scheduled cleaning, then we suggest you give this article a thorough read.

Preparations to make before the arrival of industrial cleaning companies

Every cleaning job is different, and industrial cleaning companies such as us at JAN-PRO of Oklahoma City understand that. However, the more prepared our customers are for our arrival, the quicker and better the cleaning outcomes since our team doesn’t have to spend time to perform any prepping and can get straight to work. So, without further ado, here is how you can prepare your business for commercial cleaning:

Inform us if you have any special cleaning requests: While we perform regular cleaning for businesses daily, weekly, and even monthly, we often have to handle special cleaning requests. Telling us in advance will allow us to come prepared, and we will also bring specialized tools to take care of any special cleaning needs.

Inform your employees about our arrival: When you have a scheduled commercial cleaning with us or other janitorial services, make sure you convey the information to the staff. Then your employees will be able to take care of their belongings, and they can choose to leave the office if they want before we arrive if the cleaning supplies and tools don’t sit well with them.

Move sensitive material to a safe location: Our cleaning crew consists of professionals who take a very honest approach towards their job. However, it is still recommended that you move any critical and sensitive files, materials, or devices to a safe location before we arrive. While our cleaning crew only touches the surfaces and items they have to while performing their job, the sensitive items might get misplaced during the cleaning job. So, by moving your sensitive data, files, or devices to a safe location, you are not only protecting them but making the cleaning job simpler for our team.

Communicate your expectations: You must share your expectations with us. We strive to provide the highest possible quality in our cleaning services, and by knowing your expectations, we can modify our cleaning techniques to fit your needs.

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