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How Investing in Jan-Pro Franchise Would Lead You to Success?
February 03, 2021

AN-PRO International is a leading commercial cleaning service company that was established in the year 1991 by Jacques Lapointe in Providence, Rhode Island. Jacques started this business with a desire to provide the highest quality cleaning through modern systems and technologies. Initially, the owner started this business with a small team. However, with time, JAN-PRO gained international recognition expanding its JAN-PRO franchises in the Middle Eastern, Asian, and African countries especially. Currently, many business leaders, as well as seasoned cleaning industry executives with immense experience, are associated with it. The structure of its company comprises more than 10,000 units and 99 master franchises, and together they successfully generate a gross income of $175 million per year. The master plans of all these franchising units get executed from its main headquarters, situated in Georgia. In addition to that, our company has a team of corporate staff and professional cleaning experts working at different JAN-PRO locations and providing their extraordinary cleaning services to people all over the world.


Cleaning Service Franchises

Commercial cleaning is one of the most flourishing and diverse industries today. According to a rough estimate, all the companies associated with this industry account for a total of 6%. Among all of them, several cleaning franchises account for 10% of the overall market approximately. With time as the world is developing day by day, the requirement for high-quality and efficient cleaning services is increasing rapidly. Due to using traditional methods and equipment for cleaning, the business of almost 55% of commercial cleaning companies is going in loss. Resultantly, there is a tremendous turnover towards modern cleaning service franchises like JAN-PRO. At JAN-PRO, the professional cleansers provide you a complete spectrum of services ranging from cleaning to disinfection. Moreover, it is one of the best companies all over the world that offer both janitorial and commercial cleaning services with complete guarantee at the most competitive rates.


Featured Works of Professionals of JAN-PRO Cleaning Franchises

  1. The experts working at the JAN-PRO cleaning company are delivered professional training for giving excellent cleaning services to clients and customers.
  2. They professionally and honestly deal with them building good terms.
  3. They also develop mutually beneficial long-term relationships with approaching business owners.
  4. Moreover, they offer customized and exceptional client-focused cleaning services according to the requirement of customers.
  5. Being professional in their career, they know the value of your time and money, so they provide their services in time at the most reasonable rates.


How Investing in the JAN-PRO Franchise Is Beneficial For You?

Besides providing remarkable cleaning services at different JAN-PRO locations, our company also helps people realize their business dreams and give them the way to come true. We do this by assisting them in establishing their own business through entrepreneurship with us. One of our extraordinary features is that we don’t force people to start any business, according to our ideas. Instead, we provide them the opportunity to tailor their business according to their individual goals and needs. It all depends upon their lifestyle and interests. In this way, one can become his boss at his work and business freely with a little guidance and support of our successfully well-established JAN-PRO cleaning organization.

In a $2.5 billion franchising industry, although there is intense competition between all the different franchising businesses all over North America. Yet, in a short time of massive development, the JAN-PRO cleaning company has made its worldwide recognition as one of the fastest-growing cleaning franchises. Since 2001, it has also earned several prestigious awards and accolades in this regard, making it the best cleaning company. So, we assure you that you will never regret investing in our franchises.

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