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How Are Commercial Cleaning Services Helpful For Universities? - July 30, 2021
July 30, 2021

While universities are being reopened after the pandemic, the cleanliness and disinfection requirements have increased significantly. Universities are required to take additional steps to make sure that students are returning to university in a safe and infection-free environment. With the additional cleanliness requirements to deal with, it makes sense why universities are turning towards commercial cleaning services providers such as us at JAN-PRO of Oklahoma City. Not only do we specialize in university cleaning jobs, but we also understand the cleanliness requirements of the post-pandemic world. However, many universities are still trying to juggle cleaning in-house and getting average results. So, to help these universities, here are some ways our professional cleaning services are beneficial for your university.

Industrial cleaning companies can reduce the load on your existing staff.

If you already have a cleaning staff working for your university full time, it might not be enough. Now that the cleaning and disinfection needs have increased significantly following the pandemic, it can be difficult for them to keep up with the increased workload. Hiring industrial cleaning companies does not mean you have to fire your existing cleaning staff. While we can regularly provide thorough deep cleaning services, your in-house university cleaning staff can maintain cleanliness until our next visit. By working together with your existing cleaning staff, we can share their workload and provide better cleaning results.

We can help you manage your costs.

The cost has become a significant concern for universities since classes were transferred to online mode and international students moved to their countries due to the pandemic. During these troubled times, managing the costs associated with running a university and cutting costs is a significant concern for universities around the US. So, by outsourcing your university cleaning needs, we can help you cut costs by eliminating the need to buy regular cleaning supplies, cleaning products, and specialized gear for the cleaning crew. All you have to do is hire our company, and we bring all the necessary supplies. If you look at our commercial cleaning services list, you will realize that we have a specialized cleaning crew for each industry and business. This allows us to manage better the cost aspect of cleaning by ensuring our customers get the best bang for the buck by hiring our services.

Reduced risk of infection in your students

While the coronavirus infection rate is slowly going down, it has not gone away completely. So, there is a need to ensure that your university building, furniture, equipment, and other necessary items are thoroughly disinfected to prevent reinfection. That is where our specialized disinfecting crew comes in with the state-of-the-art disinfecting equipment that makes sure your university is free from diseases causing pathogens. Reopening your university after being closed during the peak of the pandemic is a major decision. You will have to make the students feel safe to return to the university; what better way to make your students feel safe by hiring our team to disinfect your university thoroughly regularly?

Our janitorial services are constantly improving as new cleaning technologies and chemicals come into play; we have evolved our university cleaning services per post-pandemic needs. So, if you are looking for a professional crew to clean your university, all you have to do is leave us a message.

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