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Hiring a Janitorial Service? Read This Before You Do
May 19, 2020

Cleaning services and we mean proper cleaning is not something you get from just anyone. Sure, you will find many companies offering commercial cleaning services, but not all are the same. Here is something you need to know – cleaning is a science simple and straight. Everything from the tools used to the person using them should be part of a complex cleaning system. The staff of the cleaning organization should be trained, the tools should be the best available and the cleaning chemicals should be hospital grade. The business in concern should have fixed processes for their cleaning crew and strong checks in place to ensure that they are being followed. Most, or should we say foremost the company should be customer-oriented, it should work around you and facilitate you. You shouldn’t have to run after it to ensure things are done.


Why Does Training Matter?

Training is essential for gaining success in any field. Some might ask that what does training have to do with a janitorial cleaning service crew? Well, first they need training about customer dealing, then they need to know how to work the cleaning equipment they will be using, and lastly, they need to know which chemical is supposed to be used where. All of this requires consistent training. An example of untrained personnel; imagine having someone use bleach to clean your colored sofa, sure it will get it clean, but it will also ruin the color of the sofa. Training also helps the staff know how they can get quality cleaning done in the least amount of time.  At Jan-Pro we make sure our staff is well trained and know what they are doing.


What about the Tools?

Tools of the trade are essentials and they should not be overlooked. Sure, manual work is always there but with the help of specialized cleaning equipment the quality factor goes up and the time taken goes down. Let’s for example, take a car that is washed manually. It will take more effort and duration as compared to using a power washer. The force of the power washer can help get rid of smudges that might have required effort and time by a person with a simple sponge. In the end, tools not only enhance the cleaning power but also reduce the time it takes to get it done. We at Jan-Pro use the best tools available for the job.

Processes for a Janitorial Cleaning Service?

For something to be done right and with consistent quality processes are crucial. The checks to ensure that the processes are being followed are also essential. At Jan-Pro we have set processes that are easy for our staff to follow and allow for a thorough and high-quality cleaning. Our constant supervision checks make sure that all processes are adhered to. These processes allow our crew to give quality cleaning service regardless of the business, residence or office they are working at.


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We can say with confidence that no other organization adheres to the mentioned points besides us – Jan Pro of Oklahoma City. Our 99 franchise offices in 5 countries are a testament of our dedication to our customers and our quality of service.

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