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Equipment Needed for Commercial Cleaning Services
February 11, 2022

Every residential and commercial building and premise requires professional cleaning from time to time. Maybe, this is the reason you plan to start a business that provides commercial cleaning services. But, have you ever wondered what the necessary equipment you need to provide these services is? You indeed need a cleaning bucket and a mop, but this is not it. There is a list of essential cleaning equipment you need to start a small business because commercial cleaning is different from a household or a residential one. This blog will discuss some primary cleaning equipment to start a small business that provides services to commercial clients. 


Necessary Equipment for Commercial Cleaning Services 

You might believe that every kind of cleaning is done with similar kinds of tools, but this is not true. The nature of service differs according to the type of client, which means you need specific types of tools. The equipment you need for commercial cleaning is listed and discussed below. 


Commercial-grade Vacuum 

A vacuum is always at the top of every cleaning equipment checklist. There are specialized cleaners made for commercial use because the standard ones we use at homes don’t fulfill those needs. We suggest you buy a backpack vacuum as you don’t have to drag it around. A house has a smaller area that needs cleaning, and it is manageable to drag the cleaner there. Also, a standard cleaner doesn’t have enough suction power needed for commercial cleaning. 

If you feel that your office, school, hospital, or any commercial site needs comprehensive cleaning, JAN-PRO Cleaning of Oklahoma can be your go-to option as they have vast experience in providing these professional services to clients from all industries. 


Hand-held Vacuum

Vacuums are of different sizes to serve various purposes. Despite having a bigger commercial-grade cleaner, you also need a small vacuum that you can carry around in your hand. It allows you to reach out to congested areas where bigger nozzles can’t reach. Also, you don’t need bigger tools to clean everything in a commercial setting. 


Floor Waxers 

Removing dirt and mold from the floors isn’t enough. To retain the shine and glitter of marble and ceramic tiles, you need to wax and polish them from time to time. That is why you need to have a floor waxer to ensure that you cover all the aspects of professional cleaning services. Make sure to have a tool that works equally well on all types of floors. 


Buckets and Mops

These two are among the best essentials to complete a cleaning job at both residential and commercial locations. No matter how well mechanical cleaners do at washing a floor, every commercial cleaning service provider needs a bucket and a mop to do their job the right way. These tools work well on all floors like tiles, wood, and concrete, while a machine won’t be successful everywhere.

These were just some of the essential tools and equipment needed to provide cleaning and washing services to commercial clients. We hope to have provided you with enough information about these necessities. If you have any questions and concerns, or you want to benefit from these professional services, contact JAN-PRO of Oklahoma City to make an appointment and get the job done at the earliest convenience. 


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