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Elements of Medical Commercial Cleaning Services in Oklahoma City 
March 10, 2022

Are you properly taking care of your medical facility? Is it ready to accommodate patients safely? Given the current pandemic situation, the cleanliness of medical facilities in Oklahoma City has become more important than ever. Keeping these places clean is the responsibility of the administration at the facility. And the best step they can take is to hire commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City.

In this blog post, we have listed down some of the elements included in the cleaning services if you work with JAN-PRO of Oklahoma City. So, without further delay, let’s begin.


Trash Removal – Vital in Commercial Cleaning Services In Oklahoma City

The first step in cleaning the medical facility is to get rid of things that are of no use. It could be general trash, personal protective equipment (PPEs), masks, or simple items like wrappers or cups. As a part of our hospital cleaning services, we make sure to dispose of these things properly to help you maintain a clean environment in the hospital and reduce the health risk for hospital staff and patients.


Ensure Clean Appearance 

When we say cleaning, we not only mean dust or dirt - but our cleaners also make sure to wipe and dust every visible and hidden area with sweeping, mopping, and disinfectants. If the medical facility is a hospital, we make sure to take care of the bed linens and hospital gowns, so they don’t become the reason for germ spread. Not only that, if the medical facility under consideration is an outpatient clinic, we have got you covered. We understand the hectic working scenario and tailor the cleaning schedule accordingly.

If you want to know how our services can benefit your clinic, read:  Benefits of Hiring Our Medical Cleaning Services For Your Outpatient Clinic


Disinfecting the Facility

In a medical facility, cleaning and dusting aren’t enough – disinfection is a big part of the medical cleaning services. In order to make the area germ-free, we will spray disinfectant on all surfaces. The process involves spraying it over the things, waiting for a few minutes, and then wiping it off carefully.

If you want to know more details about our medical commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City, contact us on (405) 606-3300.

Despite the importance of cleaning in these facilities, the administration prefers to hire normal cleaners for the services – which is not bad for daily cleaning. However, you do need professional services once in a while. Move on to the next section, where we have enlisted some of the benefits you get with our professional services.


Benefits of Professional Medical Facility Cleaning Services In Oklahoma City

Working with our professional cleaners comes with various benefits, including:


Help in Meeting Environmental Cleaning Standards

The government has some standards and regulations regarding cleaning that they want medical facilities to follow. The facilities that do not comply with them have to face fines and even closures. We have designed our services to ensure our procedures abide by the requirements to protect you from any penalties.


Maintain Professional Appearance

Remember, patients may not visit the medical facility again if it isn’t professionally maintained. We not only help to clean and disinfect the medical side of the business, but we also help them by maintaining the public areas, including the waiting room.
These cleaning practices are important to provide a safe environment for the patients coming in for the treatment.


Keep the Staff Safe

The healthcare facilities are highly dependable on their skilled employees, and they are also at risk if the cleaning standards are not met. With medical cleaning services, JAN-PRO of Oklahoma City provides a safe environment for the patients and the staff.

We are one of the leading providers of commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City. Our cleaners are trained to use the latest equipment and modern solutions to provide the best cleaning services for the medical facilities.

To get more information on the cleaning of healthcare facilities, move on to our next section.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is medical cleaning?

It is a cleaning method used in different medical facilities to comply with safety and health regulations. These services help make your medical office a safe place for the patients to come in and get the necessary treatment.

Why are cleaning standards important in healthcare?

Healthcare facilities are a place where people come in to treat different health problems, which means this is where they can get germs and infections from other patients the most. Therefore, it is critical for medical facilities to maintain cleaning standards.

How do you keep a hospital environment clean?

To keep the hospital environment clean and sterile, you can follow these tips:

  • Get regular professional cleaning services.
  • Make sure the staff is following the hygiene protocols.
  • Spray disinfectant on medical equipment after use.
  • Take proper cleaning measures in the waiting room.
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