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Educational Facility-A Serious Impediment to Learning
February 19, 2020

A serious factor that effects the learning of a student attending any educational institute, that is often overlooked, is the condition of that educational institute. The parents might not take the hygienic conditions or cleanliness of the educational institute into account while getting their child admitted, but it has been proven and backed by research that cleanliness of the educational facility can have a major impact on a student’s learning abilities and academic performance.

Effects of an Untidy Educational Facility on Learning:

It has been observed that students thrive and learn in a neat, clean and healthy environment. The power to ability to grasp the taught concepts and acquire new skills is enhanced due to hygienic and clean surroundings and environment. On the contrary, an untidy educational facility negatively effects a student’s ability to learn. On average, students spend 5 to 7 hours in school for at least 5 days per week in the period of their most intensive mental and physical growth and development. Thus, school environment can affect the student’s health and development both favorably and adversely. If your educational facility is located in or around Oklahoma and you are looking for commercial cleaning services, look no further and contact Jan Pro OKC.

Poor Lighting:

Poor lighting due to lights being untidy and unclean reduces the light in classrooms significantly. It’s a proven fact that properly lighted classrooms bring about a positive attitude in students towards learning and improves their behavior resulting in excellent test scores. The lights in classrooms must be cleaned on a regular basis to positively influence student learning.

Increase in Student Absenteeism:

Untidy educational facilities lead to germ production and spread of diseases, especially contagious diseases. This in turn makes students sick and cause them to miss school and stay absent from class. Some students who have asthma or other existing medical conditions are among the worst hit in these cases. If the administration at the educational facility wants to reduce the absenteeism, they must look into the matter seriously and keep the classroom and all other areas of their facility clean and sanitized.

Low Test Scores:

Untidy ventilation causes the classroom temperature to vary and is very unhealthy. When the temperature in classrooms is too hot or too cold, it can bring about a very negative effect on student’s health and turn the classrooms into breeding grounds for germs. Student’s attention levels drop in an uncomfortable environment and it results in lower test scores. The ventilation screens and filters of air conditioners need to be cleaned regularly so that a neat and healthy environment can help students to give their best and up to their utmost potential.

To conclude, we can say that untidy educational facilities can be detrimental to students learning experiences in different ways. Uncleaned restrooms or washrooms also play a big part in leading to the growth and spread of various bacteria and diseases like different kinds of viruses. Not only students, but the teachers and over all faculty also suffers in such unhealthy environment. The best solution to these problems is to hire professional cleaning services to keep the school environment as neat and hygienic as possible

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