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Difference Between Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services
January 31, 2022

You might wonder where the difference between the two rests because cleaning is always cleaning. Nevertheless, both are different based on several factors such as training and equipment. To provide commercial cleaning services, you need specialized equipment and professional training, while the requirements may not be that strict for residential services. A corporate service provider can serve residential clients, while the opposite cannot happen because a household cleaner doesn’t have the required experience and tools. There are other differences as well, and this blog will discuss some in detail. So, please continue reading.


Comparing Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

A comparison of both types of services makes it clear how they’re different. However, the disparity may not be that significant; they’re not the same at all. We have compared both the commercial and residential services below based on several factors.


Employee Training 

One of the most basic and essential factors to consider here is the training of the cleaning staff. As the commercial services require more skills, knowledge, and expertise, the staff is trained more professionally and comprehensively. Corporate cleaning is mostly tricky because of the bigger and complex structures that need care. Also, chemicals mostly build up in an industrial setting. Getting rid of those requires a lot of knowledge and experience because those materials may react with the detergents used, giving rise to a complicated situation. JAN-PRO Cleaning of Oklahoma City is one of the top service providers who have all the expertise to clean your corporate setup.
The above is not a problem in a residential setup because you have to look after a smaller covered area, and the buildings are not high-rise. Also, you don’t need a large team of professional cleaners. Even one or two people may be enough to do the job correctly and fulfill all the requirements. So, it doesn’t matter if the employees or cleaners are highly trained and skilled or not.



The equipment needed to provide professional cleaning services to commercial clients needs to be up to date and technologically advanced. One of the primary reasons for this is the needs and requirements of those clients and those infrastructures. There is specialized equipment for this type of cleanings, such as commercial-grade vacuum cleaners and floor waxers. A cleaner used for residential needs can’t be used here because of the way it is built. These vacuums can’t suck and handle boulders, gravels, or chemicals that may build up in a commercial or industrial area.Nowadays, another critical piece of equipment needed is the electrostatic spray disinfectant used to disinfect and purify vast areas in a limited amount of time. It is necessary for commercial cleaning because many people gather there almost every day, and disinfection is essential from time to time.


Business Insurance

One of the most essential and noteworthy differences between the two types of cleaning services is that a commercial service provider must get their company insured. That means that damage done to any property of the client will be covered by the policy. Most commercial clients have some high-value belongings, and damage done to any of those will be paid for by the insurance. Also, these policies cover any damage during a theft at the office of the commercial cleaning service providing company.
Considering the residential cleaning, the service providers are not bound to have any insurance or bond. One of the reasons is that these companies mostly don’t have a full-fledged office set-up and many employees. Also, a residential cleaner can be a part of a bigger commercial service-providing company, so they don’t need any separate insurance. 

These are some of the factors that differentiate the two types of cleaning services. Several cleaners provide their services to residential and commercial clients, and JAN-PRO Cleaning of Oklahoma City can be one of the best options for commercial cleaning. Contact them to avail their best offers.

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