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Commercial Cleaning Services in Oklahoma City For Car Dealerships
February 02, 2022

Do you know why some dealerships shine when you walk in? Or why are their spaces clutter-free with spotless floors? It is because they are cleaning everything properly. Therefore, if you are looking to keep your dealerships in the best possible condition, hiring our commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City is the best way to go.

As a dealership owner, you understand the importance of first impressions with customers and how it helps your business grow. However, if you are not yet convinced whether to hire professional services, these following facts will convince you that it’s the best choice.

Let’s begin.


Importance of Getting Commercial Cleaning Services in Oklahoma City

As an owner or manager of a dealership, you can receive many benefits from commercial cleaning. There are endless advantages from improved employee morale, better customer perceptions, low maintenance cost, and increased productivity.
Below, we have mentioned some of the noticeable advantages of getting commercial services for a car dealership.


Creates a Good First Impression

Anyone interested in buying a well-maintained car will also check the showroom’s cleanliness. If your shop is dirty, people will assume the available cars will also be dirty. Therefore, it won’t be productive to spend hours on vehicle inspection and ignore cleaning your dealership.


Make Customers Comfortable 

Part of making sales is to make people who visit your dealership comfortable as well. And that becomes much easier with a spotless space. Buyers will naturally feel calmer and at ease when you have a clean environment, encouraging them to stick around and shop ultimately.


Gets You Returning Customers

Surely you want your customers to visit your shop again – it can be for a new purchase or simply for other vehicle services. It is most likely to happen with our commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City.

Cleaning car dealerships require special attention to detail to get a spotless area. Some places like windows and floors are more visible than others; thus, they require extra attention. As a leading commercial cleaner, JAN-PRO Cleaning of Oklahoma City will ensure your dealership stays in the best possible condition.

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What Is Included in Our Cleaning Services in Oklahoma City?

Like our property management cleaning services, we also specialize in dealership cleaning. Here is the list of dedicated services offered at JAN-PRO Cleaning of Oklahoma City:


Floor Cleaning

Floors are a crucial part of the dealership; due to the nature of the business, this area can get dirty very quickly. The flooring is usually covered with oil, grease, dust, dirt, and other chemicals every day. Having our professional over to pressure wash the entire area can help avoid the buildup of stains and make your dealership spotless.


Showroom Clean

Another specialized service we offer is showroom cleaning. These are the rooms most visited by the customers, so you would want them to look their best. Our cleaners will make sure to wipe the floors, walls, and the entire area to make it dirt and dust-free.


Thorough Window Cleaning

The window is one of the most visible aspects to everyone, so you have to ensure they are properly taken care of. Clean windows reflect that you care for your business and want to display your cars inside to the potential customers walking by.

So, now that you understand the importance of these services to learn more about our specialized commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City, move on to our next section of frequently asked questions about the services.


Frequently Asked Questions

What commercial cleaning means?

It is a type of cleaning carried out by professional cleaners who are trained to use specialized technology to sanitize commercial buildings, including offices, dealerships, hospitals, and others. Our cleaners are well-trained and have specialized equipment to ensure you get the best results if you are looking to hire the services.

How do you clean a car dealership?

The floors of the dealership showroom should shine. Firstly, the mop and sweepers are used to get rid of loose dust and debris. Then, heavy-duty equipment is used that is specially designed for commercial dealership cleaning.

What services do commercial cleaning companies offer?

Our commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City can involve anything from generic cleanings like dusting, mopping, wiping, window cleaning to more extensive tasks like window cleaning and disincentive services. For more details on our commercial services, call (405) 606-3300.

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