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Cleaning and Disinfection Services from JAN-PRO Franchises
January 29, 2021

As we all know that today Covid-19 is a pandemic and nearly all countries have been affected. At JAN-PRO franchises, our professionals perform a deep cleaning of office, industrial and commercial areas. We also conduct sterilization that is in line with the specialized SOPS standardized by WHO and EPA. Our all-new and existing clients get reliable deep cleaning services, that may include approaching all the commonly touched surfaces and objects, with highly effective disinfectants. Some of those may include workstations, telephones, keyboards, doorknobs, handrails, sinks, door glasses, tableware, utensils, cookware, faucets, toilets, and many more.


How Cleaning Service Franchises Help

Keeping your business looking at its best requires more than just the standard. Property managers and business owners are essential for retaining guests, visitors, patients, and patrons safe. They both are responsible for taking each step to ensure the safety and good health of their communities. Whether you have a small physician office, hospital, business office, warehouse, or a large retail shop, JAN-PRO franchises experts have the right disinfection know-how for the customization of cleaning plans that will meet your requirements. With unique specialty cleaning services from JAN-PRO professional, every inch of your facility can get cleaning with immense attention to detail. From upholstery care to making crystal care windows, we provide a complete range of versatile commercial cleaning services that enhance both your company’s image and attraction towards your business. Moreover, by using our specialized experience in cleaning and national disinfection expertise in healthcare facilities, we are ready to handle this pandemic and your cleaning needs.


What Do Our Cleaning Experts Do?

For over several years, cleaning service franchises have been using the most effective cleaning products and methods to service different kinds of industries virtually. JAN-PRO cleaning company professionals are not only expert cleaners but have quick solutions for your problems. Whatever the challenge you are facing, they will handle all your requirements and questions expertly. Our commercial cleaning experts offer:

  1. Complete knowledge and information regarding the infection prevention
  2. Expertise in recurring cleaning techniques and procedures
  3. Advance disinfecting and cleaning methods that cover your entire area from floor to ceiling
  4. Top-of-the-line disinfecting propriety chemicals that clean up to 99% of germs


Keep Running your Business Safely

A primary driver of COVID-19 viral infectiousness is the fact that unknowingly people are carriers of this virus long before the apparent symptoms of it appear. That is why disinfecting as well as routine cleansing are the only ways to keep your environment protected and safe from the unintentional outbreak of this pandemic. As professional cleaning experts, we advise you to run your business safely by taking preventive disinfection services routinely.


Choose the Best – Choose JAN-PRO Cleaning!

During these uncertain times and critical conditions, turn to a reliable cleaning company like Jan-Pro. That will prove best because our experienced professionals will disinfect the area thoroughly; your clients and customers will also feel safe and secure visiting you. Whether you need our preventive measures cleaning or emergency disinfection services, we are readily available to you at various JAN-PRO locations all over the world.

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